The Past and Future Trends in IoT Research


  • Waleed S. Alnumay Computer Science Department, Riyadh Community College, King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia



Internet of Things, IoT, Past and future trends, Review


The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a rapidly developing field since its inception in 1982. In order to assess the past and future trends in IoT research, a search was conducted on Google Scholar which yielded 25 papers. These papers were then analyzed and discussed, leading to the conclusion that IoT is not only here to stay, but also continuously evolving. This can be seen in the advancements in technology, applications, areas of use, benefits, problems, and challenges. It is expected that this pattern of development will continue in the future, with the emergence of new technologies, applications, software, and areas of use. However, as with any other field, there will be barriers and challenges that need to be overcome at each stage of progress. Furthermore, there is immense potential to integrate IoT with Artificial Intelligence (AI), leading to even more innovative and efficient applications. Overall, the future of IoT research looks promising, with continued growth and advancements in various aspects of the field.




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